Social Networks

Create an ambassadors’ community for your brand and products.

  • 4.5 million users are registered on Twitter just in France.
  • 26 millions users are registered on Facebook in France only.
  • 41 % of social networks traffic to ecommerce websites come from Facebook.

Experts Marketing provide his community management expert to build, grow, and maintain a community linked to your brand. Our Expert in Social Media will post each day for you on Facebook and Twitter following your Social Media strategy.

We guarantee more than 300 new Facebook fans each month and we produce a weekly report. It is important to be present on social networks in order to be well-known. More than your image, it increases your traffic and therefore yours sales. Here is our approach:

  • Connect your website to social networks.
  • Convince your customers to join your social community.
  • Motivate your community to react and advocate about your brand.
  • Drive users to purchase your products.