Email Leads Acquisition

Build a database of qualified prospects and turn them into customers.

77 % of users prefer receive promotional offers by email.

Email leads acquisition campaign key objective is to create a targeted members database. Once getting your members subscription, you will then be able to keep a link with qualified contacts and make them loyal to your brand.

Launching an email leads acquisition campaign is simple. You first need to define the type of campaign according to your volume objectives and budget, you have 3 way to recruit members:

We take care of selecting the relevant databases to generate qualified subscribers. During the campaign we optimise the performance and the source of traffic

The notoriety of your brand is free because there is no set up fee and you pay one performance. Here are the two different models you can use:

  • CPL: pay per lead.
    (eg. when user sign in to your website)
  • CPA: pay per acquisition.
    (eg. customer buy a product online)

Experts Marketing works with the best data bases of the European market.

  • 50 million emails over 5 countries: France, Spain, UK, Germany and Italy.
  • All profiles represented.
  • Qualified, reactive and recently collected leads.

Dedicated emailing

Dedicated Emailing Campaign is the main campaign type for emailing operations. Thanks to a Dedicated Emailing Campaign, a newsletter highlighting your offer will be sent to targeted web users. Every interested user will be redirected to a registration form and be able to leave his personal informations in order to subscribe to a newsletter or receive targeted offers linked to their interests, an sent by qualitative partners.

With this kind of campaign you will generate ultra-qualificated leads with high reactivity. It will increase the brand's notoriety and act like a free branding.


Partners offer to a web user corresponding to your target to to register to your community.

A Co-registration campaign is complementary to a dedicated emailing campaign in order to balance the costs and collect more leads. Advertiser does not pay a set-up fee but only CPL.

Assets of Co-registration:

  • Targeted offers adapted to visitor profile.
  • Generate a high volume of subscription.
  • Cheaper than dedicated emailing acquisition campaign.


Our goal is to propose to users involved in a web quiz - for example - to receive sponsor's (your) offers.

Co-sponsoring allow to:

  • Collect quickly a large number of leads.
  • Obtain less expensive CPL compared to dedicate emailing and co-registration.
  • Collect fresh and active leads massively without additional technical costs.

A co-sponsoring campaign is complementary to a dedicated emailing campaign in order to balance the costs and collect more leads. Advertiser does not pay any set-up fee, only CPL.