Dynamic Mobile Application

Dynamic mobile app linked to a database.

This app may be considerated as an extented version of the corporate application. It pushes the mobile marketing experience even further in your marketing digital strategy. We are developing applications where:

  • Users are able to order online.
  • Sign in for a better experience.
  • User get a real own space, that allows:
    • Adding product to his “favorites”.
    • Add product to his “basket”.
  • Offline mode: user can use this app even if he is not connected to the Internet.
    • Building of a local database.
    • Update of the database when the user is online.

We can also to push the mobile marketing experience even further thanks to:

  • Sign in with social network, for a fast and easy identification.
  • Geolocation to guide the user toward your closer shops.
  • Product scanner. The goal of this option is to attract the user in a shop:
    • Place a specific QR code in your products in shop.
    • Scan this code thanks to the app.
    • Offer exclusive discounts to your users when they are in shop.
    • User can check all his products from his own space.
    • Then, possibility to take advantage of the promotion showing scan in casher, or make the purchase later.
  • Order tracking, allow you to reassure your customers and establish a trustworthy relationship:
    • Allow the user to check the order status.
    • Sending a mail to inform him about the order status.