Mobile AdWords Campaign

Adapt your Adwords campaigns to a mobile environment.

Keys required to set up a successful mobile campaign are different from those needed to build a relevant web AdWords campaign. 51 % of a mobile marketing budget is on average spent in AdWords campaigns. Studies show that 25 % of that cost is wasted due to lack of optimization. Do not miss the opportunity to launch your Mobile AdWords campaign, we achieve 1% higher click rate mobile than web AdWords campaigns. Mobile AdWord is an opportunity that should be grasped.

Experts Marketing will help you stand out from the crowd with an efficient mobile adwords campaign.

  • Adapt your announcements and parameters according to mobile behaviors specificities.
  • Mobile retargeting: be more visible to your visitors who visited your website/app.
  • Focus on your keywords.
  • Message personalization to push mass downloads and mobile sales.

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