Ancillary Revenue / E-Merchandising

Increase your average basket with the Ancillary Revenue strategy.

In order to stand out from the competition, you need to offer a unique experience to your visitors. You have access to a big amount of data which allows you to identify your customer profile (source of traffic, navigation, account history). You can then create some different profile in order to present them relevant offers.

You will be able to propose to buyers complementary products (Cross Selling) and/or higher quality products (Upselling).

Ancillary revenue key figures:

  • More than 30 % of Vueling’ turnover is not provided by sales of tickets.
  • With an optimized upselling system 4.2 % of users purchase a higher quality product that the one firstly wanted.
  • Cross selling can increase by 3 % the amount of sales.

Experts Marketing offer you a free personalised audit to identify upselling / cross selling oportunities.