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For 7 years, Experts Marketing attracts qualified visitors on its client's websites and mobile apps. Our experts will help you identify the best digital marketing leverages that will allow you to capture and convert prospects into clients. Take now benefits of our 3 key success factors: customer acquisition, ROI and loyalty marketing.


By being visible, you ensure that your potential client sees your offer and get more chance to acquire market shares.

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Optimising your digital marketing campaign will help to get more qualified visitors and to convert them into clients.

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Communicating and taking care of your community will give them the opportunity to visit you and to stand out from your competitors.

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Arthur De Perthuis

Arthur De Perthuis

Arthur De Perthuis

Founder of the Experts Marketing agency

I have founded Experts Marketing to help e-business companies to design, implement and optimize their digital marketing strategy. Since 2008 the agency has participated with success to the growth of the digital visibility of reknown brands such as Vueling, Danone, Weekendesk, Custo BCN and Muchoviaje.

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Featured Clients

more_vertEmail leads
closeEmail leads

Danone has chosen Experts Marketing to launch a dedicated email acquisition campaign in order to recruit housewives for their loyalty club
Goal: Collect potential customers among a defined target for a new special promotion.
Results: The e-mails collected had a good reactivity to Danone’s promotions.

more_vertEmail leads
closeEmail leads has chosen Experts Marketing to launch and manage an email acquisition campaign for the Spanish market by co-sponsor.
Goal: Interact quickly with a significant amount of potential customers.
Results: 50 000 leads collected over one month.

more_vertAncillary revenue
closeAncillary revenue

Muchoviaje has chosen Experts Marketing to increase the sales of travel-insurances during the booking path.
Results: Increase by 5% of the average basket thanks to the increase of travel-insurances sales.

more_vertSEO & SEA
closeSEO & SEA

Barcelona Properties has chosen Experts Marketing to improve the SEO for the French, Spanish and English versions of their website and to manage their Google AdWords campaigns.
Goal: Attract potential customers on their website and increase the amount of visits in the flats they managed.
Results: The amount of unique visitors and the amount of visit requests have doubled.

more_vertDigital Strategy
closeDigital Strategy

Interdit au Public has chosen Experts Marketing to assist the website's launch.
We gathered a dedicated equip to handle operational management, logistic and after sales services. We developed a effective digital marketing strategy to build a qualified leads database, an active community on social networks, and strategic partnerships remunerated on performance.
Results: Interdit au Public is the DIY private sales website in France.

more_vertSEO & SEA
closeSEO & SEA

Cré has chosen Experts Marketing in order to redefine its Online Marketing strategy. This new strategy has been based on SEO and optimization of Google AdWords campaigns.
Goal: Attract potential customers on the Website and increase the amount of training sessions booked.
Results: Significant increase of traffic and improvement of ROI (Return On Investment) of AdWords campaigns.

more_vertLeads optimisation
closeLeads optimisation

Inovinsurance has chosen Experts Marketing to increase the amount of quotation requests.
Actually, Experts Marketing has improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization), optimised Google AdWords budgets, published accurate content, and implemented a monthly Newsletter for old customers or potential new ones. Results: The amount of quotation requests doubled.

more_vertAncillary revenue
closeAncillary revenue

The Sound of Data has chosen Experts Marketing to be introduced to the European Travel Market and increase its turnover selling Ancillary Revenue products.
Results: They have been able to reach quickly the key actors in the travel market in order to present them their ancillary product.

more_vertEmail leads
closeEmail leads

Custo Barcelona has chosen Experts Marketing to launch and manage a leads acquisition campaign dedicated to women aged between 25 and 45 by co-registration.
Goal: Attract targeted potential clients and make them loyal.
Results: Effective qualified leads that had a strong responsiveness to Custo’s offers.


  • The web marketing strategy set up by Experts Marketing allowed us to double the traffic coming from search engine in one year. Thanks to the highly qualified visits generated, corresponding to our market target, demand increased significantly. Experts Marketing allows us to optimize and control our web marketing budget, and to follow a pragmatic action plan with a reasonable budget.
    — Pascal Bourbon, CEO @ Barcelona Properties
  • The Audit in Ancillary Revenue of Experts Marketing allows us to highlight our insurance offers offers during the booking path. Following the set up, we noticed a relevant increase our average basket value.
    — José Mínguez, Chief Excecutive @ Muchoviaje
  • I worked with Experts Marketing. The study they produced for Airsavings was complete, accurate and professional. We used it as a basis in our decision making process on several strategical issues. I can confidently recommend Experts Marketing for their excellent work and deep knowledge of online marketing strategies.
    — Baudoin de Bretagne, Business Development Director @ AIR SAVINGS
  • Experts Marketing helped us to be introduced to the European Travel Market key actors. Thanks to their expertise in ancillary revenue and their network we have gained a clear recognition within the industry.
    — Koen Bavinck, VP travel solutions @ The Sound of Data
  • Thanks to Experts marketing we had a clear vision of the actions to implement to manage our SEO. Moreover, Experts Marketing has given us answers to our strategic problems about Online Marketing especially to optimise our AdWords budget.
    — Sylvie Sabalette, CEO @ Créa-Image

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