Will Google penalize your business in November?

featuredWhen it comes to changing web usages, Google knows how to use its quasi monopoly situation. This is the great power of Google, and we are grateful as long as it values user experience. Starting november Google will no longer assign its mobile-friendly label to websites displaying massive app interstitials. Is your website targeted by that new coming policy? Follow our tips to find out.


Google’s mobile friendly label removal

Importance of responsive website is growing since April 21th’s mobile friendly update. On that day Google released a change in its search engine algorithm to stand out responsive websites (you can learn more about it downloading our white paper 10 good reasons to launch a mobile marketing strategy).

Starting November 1st Google will again modify its search engine algorithm to penalize websites displaying large app advertisement banners. Those websites will no longer receive the mobile friendly label, thus reducing their rank on search engine result pages. Other interstitials types are not concerned.

Am I concerned?

You may be wondering whether or not this new policy will affect you. To be sure we advise you to follow this link and to test your website: Google mobile friendly webmaster tool.

I am concerned, how to fix it?

Google provide an example of what is no longer allowed, and what are considered as good practices.

google mobile friendly label

On the left: no longer allowed to receive the mobile friendly label
On the right: good practice to advertise your mobile app

In order to implement those changes you will need to redesign your banner. Instead of it taking nearly all window space, it should be fixed on the top or bottom of your screen, and reduced. It can be done by using app install banners (supported by Safari and Chrome), or in a more classic way with CSS remodeling.

In accordance with its perspective to promote quality user experience, Google will force the market to get rid of app interstitials. Two months is given to comply, and is a short amount of time. Don’t hesitate to contact us: Experts Marketing can offer you its advice to create an efficient and user friendly banner in order to improve your download rate and follow Google’s new policy.

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