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2015 marks the dawn of a new SEO era. After successive updates in its search algorithm, namely the “Mobilegeddon” update in April 2015 and the “Quality Update” in May, Google has brought user experience (also known as UX) forward. Do you know its real value?


Why does Google value user experience as a ranking criteria?

google is a businessGoogle is a business. To attract and retain its sources of profit – understand users – Google must provide valuable results through its search engine. Google could easily be blamed if you weren’t able to find quick answers to your query. It is in the firm’s interest to outline and promote websites offering a great user experience.


How Google knows whether or not your user had a positive experience?

google bounce rateNobody except Google’s engineers know how exactly its algorithms work, but we know what the firm is able to measure. To assess your user experience Google most likely consider the time you spent on one website before returning to the result page (behaviour commonly called “pogo-sticking”). If you found what you were seeking you might not need to access the result page again: Google would then understand the referred website is worthwhile.


How to improve your user experience?

Many rules govern the faculty for a website to be pleasant. However some basic tips are easy to apply.

  • Do you sell goods online? A significant part of your customers reach your website through a search engine results page. As an user it is comfortable when we are able to filter products after landing on your search page.
  • Trust is a must: do not forget to put a link to your privacy policy.
  • Also remember that your user interface (UI) should be designed meticulously in order not to lose competitiveness. Google has released a guide that can help you create a nice user interface without prior design knowledge.


User experience is a variable that should be taken into account in order to increase your conversion rates. That is all the more true since optimizing your user experience will also improve your rankings on search engine result pages.

Try to reduce your bounce rate and to catch user’s attention through a clean and reliable design. Do not hesitate to ask us advice. Our SEO experts can help you identify the leaking steps of your conversion process. With the help of our developers and designers we could together implement an action plan to enhance your user experience and optimize your ranking.

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