4 reasons to launch a SMS campaign

Well optimised, SMS campaign is very profitable: a tanner salon, Seattle Sun Tan, earned 5,5€ for 1€ invest in less than 48h . With the highest cost/conversion ratio, SMS marketing is THE solution to catch mobile user’s attention. Discover 4 reasons to launch a SMS campaign and what are the best practices to make it successful.

Why do we reach such KPI’s with SMS campaign?

The best opening rate leverage

When Tom Daily, Director of Mobile, Search and Global Connections says “It is important to invest your energy into things you know work, and we know that SMS works and is a thing to focus on.” this is worth understanding why:

With an opening rate at 90% in 10 minutes compared to 20-30% for emails, SMS marketing campaign is considered as one of the most personal way to catch attention.

The most visible mobile contents

Such as a native application of smartphones, SMS is provided to be as visible as possible:


SMS can be read even on the lock screen: SMS cannot be missed

SMS is born at the same time as mobile phone and still the main mobile communication tool. This is still recognised by every mobile user as the standard retains communication support.

On top of visibility, marketing pressure is lower:

Indeed, barrier entrance caused by a higher CPM (cost per mile) than email combined with the condition to have an Opt-In targeted database is limiting the number of actors able to run a sustainable SMS campaign.

An efficient mobile marketing support for brand awareness and tactical promotions

Brand awareness visibility

Brands can set up a SMS marketing campaign to generate brand awareness amongst new segments. It is especially efficient for local supplier. With an opening rate of 90%, a lot of mobile users will read your SMS and will know your brand.

Tactical promotions efficiency

Unlike to other mobile marketing solutions such as Adwords campaign, which are particularly efficient with pure players, SMS campaign is adapted for both pure player and click & mortar brands:

  • 20% of mobile users click on the link in the SMS
  • 26% of mobile users will be attract in store

Indeed a marketing SMS can be send without website link in order to increase in store sales:

Customers need to show the promotional code to the cashier in order to take benefit of the promotion

Attract new customers and be appreciated by your mobile users

Get opt-in number

In order to create an Opt-In mobile number database, various strategies exist to collect personal data via your traditional offline and online marketing campaigns. Pepsi followed one of these best practices:

Pepsi SMS campaign

Offline advertising campaigns used by Pepsi in 2012

This campaign allows Pepsi to get a quality Opt-In database available to drive their subscribers to local supermarkets thanks to tactical SMS promotions.

Develop brand affinity

Before launching a SMS marketing campaign, brands must seduce their mobile users with uncommercial messages. Communicate about your brand values to bring forward your know-how and your added value compared to your competitors.

When new members subscribe, best market practice is to ask complimentary data such as post code, email address, date of birth. This will allow you to send them targeted and valuable offers and give you the opportunity to celebrate their birthday in order to increase their satisfaction: they will feel valued and will react better with your SMS campaign.

Depending of the size and the complementarity of the database in terms of segmentation, you will be able to target your audience in the area you are covering.

Moreover, SMS are particularly adapted to short-time promotions. Trust in the SMS marketing and measure the performance of your campaign. With 5 000 SMS sent, the tanning salon Seattle Sun Tan (health and beauty industry) earned 0.3€ of revenue for every SMS sent. These goods results can be explained by the work described earlier.

Share a useful information

Convert your mobile users in customers

Once your mobile user knows you, your targeted message will be considerate as relevant: 72% of mobile users agreed to receive a SMS because they consider useful the delivery information.

Even local small businesses are able to reach a large and targeted audience thanks to SMS campaign, such as the following example:

SMS campaign

Personal, relevant, aggressive and limited with a clear call to action

Use retargeting to send relevant message to your most loyal customer. For instance, Sephora send targeted SMS with specific promotion for a specific store in order to raise local in store sales.

Best appropriate campaigns such as the launch of a new brand, reception of a package, or an exclusive promotion are a part of the best practice.

Do not forget the call to action

Often display as a link to a promotional website page a clear call to action, this will drive your customers to the next step of your objectives. For example: “Show this message in store”, “Use this code and take benefit of exclusive promotions on our website”. Moreover, SMS campaign must to be set up in order to communicate about a time or quantity limited promotion: “Today only”, “for the 500 first clients only!”

Yes, SMS is not dead and even more valuable thanks to geofencing, as it is as efficient for pure players than for click and mortar targeting local customers to their shop.

Thanks to our experience acquired with our clients such as Danone, our Experts Marketing can help you to set up a SMS campaign and find targeted Opt-In mobile databases in order to reach with success your campaign objectives.

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