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Last year’s great mystery was to know if search queries made on mobile would surpass those made on desktop. It has now been confirmed by Google in one of its blog report. According to the company:

more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.

Google disclosures allow us to say that mobile marketing is nowadays a critical field for almost any B2C company. What is your mobile marketing strategy?

mobile marketing

Mobile SEO: responsive design

The mobile friendly Google update didn’t come without any reason. Since April Google assigns its mobile friendly label to websites displaying correctly on small devices by either serving a mobile version or a responsive design. Awarded websites had seen their ranking boosted on the search engine result pages while non-mobile friendly websites have been penalised. It is now necessary to act. If your website doesn’t fit correctly on each screen size, we advise to either:

  1. build a mobile version from scratch, or
  2. edit your style-sheets (*.CSS files) adding size conditions thanks to media queries in order to create a responsive design and keep a very similar appearance on desktop and mobile.

The responsive solution is generally preferred as it is the most modern one, it uses the latest CSS3 technologies, and generally is far less time consuming.

Mobile SEA: Google new tools and formats

Google is pushing new advertising norms and usages. Last year already Google has introduced new banners formats specially designed to adapt to all screen sizes. Google offers an auto-resizing tool plus a Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool enabling a full mobile ads experience. This year Google developed new mobile oriented tools:

  • Automobile Ads carousels displayed before result lists for mobile users interested in buying a new car
  • Hotel Ads enhancing user experience while searching for a place to spend the night
  • Cross-device conversions that will soon allow your user to start an order with its mobile phone and pay it on another device without restarting from zero.

google mobile tools

Users now have higher expectations concerning their mobile experience. Every mobile user wish to access easily and quickly at the information seeked, with a minimum amount of manipulations, and to be able to undertake actions (calls, orders) in one click. The mobile market doesn’t stop growing, and it is a real challenge to bet on and a real opportunity no one should miss. Experts Marketing can advise you in the development of your next mobile marketing strategy. We offer several mobile marketing services helping brands to increase their customer number and loyalty, including App development, SEO Mobile consulting, Mobile AdWords and Ancillary revenues. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a free audit of your website!

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