Link building: strategies to complete your online presence

link acquisitionYour content’s quality define your expertise and give credit to your business’ reliability. However investing time and money in your content is not worth the effort if your ROI doesn’t follow. Presence on the Internet is another path to profitable growth: every aspect of link building should be considered in order to adopt an effective SEO strategy. Here are some tips to help you build your next link acquisition plan.

Media are keys to traffic

If you dispose of all resources needed to create and host media, don’t hesitate to focus your energy on that part. As you may know infographics, pictures, interactive tutorials and video presentations provide high engagement rates on social media. Think in terms of user experience: for your media to be shared you need to propose an easy-to-use copy / paste tool, an understandable embed code, and  accessibles sharing links. With these techniques you will create strong backlinks mechanisms: media shared from your website will be served through your servers, generating quality traffic and improving your SEO.

Guest posts will increase your reputation

Why wait for readers to discover your blog when you can bring your content before their eyes? As you will have understood, another way to create backlinks is “guest posting”: sharing one blogger’s influence to reach a huge audience and promote yourself or your company. Several methods can be used:

  1. Interview an influencer: it’s effective. Your expertise combined will most likely result in worthwhile content and captivate your readers. The interesting part is that your article may be shared by your interviewees on their blog or social media, bringing you a consistent amount of backlinks and subscriptions.
  2. You can also help an influencer with your expertise. By posting your content on his blog in exchange for backlinks or quotations you will redirect some of his traffic to your website, boosting your SEO.

Annex services

If the previous techniques don’t apply to your field of activity or have already been tried, we advise to think about an annex service relative or close to your business sector that could attract users to your domain name and improve its ranking. Here are some examples of that technique:

  • Netflix has released a tool called ISPSpeedIndex to strengthen its commitment to net neutrality. If this tool is brought forward in relation with recent events regarding the net neutrality debate the traffic fetched will contribute to their domain name ranking on search engine result pages.
  • Korben, a well known french tech blogger, has released a tool to easily know your IP adress
  • Maybelinne has produced video makeup tutorials that increased its online presence (it appears on the first result page for “make up tutorial”)

Those tools and landing pages are quite easy to produce and host because they generally don’t require more resources than you already have. Furthermore they can only increase your SEO!

Finally be sure to report your progress with tools like Majestic that will retrieve all backlinks publicly findable on the Internet and compute your online reputation. If you need advice to deploy services like those mentioned in this article be sure to contact us, it would be a pleasure to answer your questions.

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