How to optimise your email marketing campaigns in 2015

According to last Email Marketing Attitude (EMA) study published by the SNCD, 38% of the 1.200 users consulted have felt encouraged to visit a website after receiving a commercial email. More than 35% find nowadays campaigns relevant, that is 5% more than in 2014. Emails are not about to leave the digital marketing field and are still considered as key means for a quick business expansion. Usages have however evolved. The report gives us some insights on today’s habits. Here are some tips on how to optimise your email marketing campaigns in 2015.

Email targeting

Many tools exist to get to know your customers’ perfil. With this technique you can target users and send them specific, personalised offers. Adapting your content in accordance with the type of user you wish to address is a great way to increase your conversion rate. Some users rather learn more about your products online and buy later in store while others rather order in one click. By knowing their habits you can offer them different types of adapted promotions!

EMA identifies 5 types of users:

  • email experts who own several devices and are sensitive to offers.
  • email addicts who consult their inbox very often.
  • detached users having just one email address and making a low use of it.
  • reluctant users who fear online purchases.
  • mobile addicts who make a very heavy use of their phone and have an email-to-store type of behaviour.

email marketing attitude 2015


Email timing

emails time consultation ratesWhat is the best time of the day to launch your commercial campaign? EMA gives us some insights:

  • 65% of people consulted open their inbox during work
  • 72% during lunch time

Home to work and work to home travels are also key moments with 48% of consulting their inbox. Evenings are privileged as 95% of interviewed users check their mails during that part of the day.

It is also important to note that device repartitions are different depending on the time of the day: smartphones are more used during lunch and transportation times while desktops and tablets find their strongest activity during evenings. We advise to always require responsive designs from your digital agency so your emails can be correctly displayed on every device.


Emails still are a privileged way to attract new clients, maintain customer loyalty, and foster a relationship of confidence with them. Usages have changed as mobile marketing has greatly evolved: customers can be more precisely targeted and EMA’s report shows their overall experience has surely improved. Experts Marketing has an extensive experience is the field of email lead acquisition. We offer 3 different techniques to build an efficient lead generation kit : Dedicated emailing, Coregistration, and Cosponsoring. Feel free to contact us, we would gladly advise you setting up your next campaign!

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