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email marketingEmail marketing is widely used by ecommerce platforms to extend their visibility, acquire news customers, and establish a bond trust between companies and clients. The proportion of websites that optimise their campaigns and take advantage of the latest technical opportunities is however still low. Follow our advice to get your email marketing strategy to the next level.

Prefer double opt-in for your newsletter sign-up process

According to Teradata nearly all ecommerce websites (96%) have the option to subscribe to a customer newsletter. However only a minority of them (22%) offers a double opt-in process for their users to subscribe.

Double opt-in is considered as best practice in B2C communications. It provides email address verification and ensure the willingness of the email account owner, thus generating qualified leads. It increases email reactivity by 20%. It also integrates users in a process of confidence-building, proving them your reliability and trustworthy in some ways.

Segment your database

The benefit of owning a website that sells products or services online is to possess an important amount of informations about your customers: gender, age, location, and even habits if you can collect it. Surprisingly these data are only used by 44% of e-commerce platforms, and only 18% adapt their newsletters’ content according to customers’ age and gender.

By segmenting your database and sending personalised emails you will gain customer loyalty and boost your opening rates. If more users read your emails your will increase your domain name reputation towards ISPs leading to a better deliverability in the future.

email marketing segmentation

There are two types of segmentation that can be implemented: segmentation by centre of interest and segmentation by activity.

Users can be targeted following the type of research they made on your website. It is relevant to send offers in accordance with the category of product users are seeking for. This is the segmentation by centre of interest: to create multiple campaigns targeting different types of consumers.

Segmentation by activity consists in programming small campaigns directed to users that show certain patterns of behaviour. For example you can reactive former clients who are used to receive your offers but don’t open them. By sending to those users an email to unsubscribe from your newsletter, you will draw their attention. You will make them return on your site if they are still interested, or opt-out if they aren’t which is a good thing. The advantage of those emails is that they generally can be automated because they follow predefined templates and are triggered on specific events, programmables.

Complementary strategies to reach all users

According to Google mobile search has surpassed desktop search in 2015. To maximise your potential campaign impact other channels, complementary to emails, are available.

Users are more reactive on mobile than on computer. SMS marketing for example has the better cost / conversion ratio with a 90% average opening rate within 10 minutes. This is almost four times the average opening rate of email campaigns. You may be interested by our dedicated article 4 reasons to launch a SMS campaign.

If you already have developed a mobile app to sell your products, you cannot avoid push notifications. Teradata studied the top 50 french e-commerce businesses: results show that any of them use mobile push notification to stimulate a potential customer having left an app purchase process. This is important knowing that companies having adopted a strong mobile strategy have seen an 80% grow in their revenue in 2014 according to the 2015 mobile 500 guide. Mobile is clearly nowadays a part of our day-to-day life, do not be afraid to capitalise on that channel!

To put it simple, e-commerce is a fast growing business. 2015 is already a record year and french e-commerce market has reported on its own a 16% revenue increase for the second quarter. To optimise their development, e-commerce companies have to adapt their campaigns and think about mobile. Responsive design, personalisation, users segmentation, and push notifications are all keywords that have the ability to make you stand out from the crowd. Our experts can help you set up your next email campaign and mobile strategy. We will lead your campaign to success. Do not hesitate to contact us through our online form.

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