Most of your business will come from social networks

new facebook updateSEO experts agree: Internet is going local. Google increasingly exploits targeted data to provide the most relevant result according to your geographic position.

New C2C models represented, among others, by AirBnB and involving local communities are as well arising. Those businesses really are forming new social networks. Because of this current context the two giants – aka. Facebook and Twitter – are adapting their strategy in order to ensure users and companies keep relying on them.

What are the next set-ups to stay up-to-date? Is your firm ready for those changes?

Facebook as a core business tool

User experience and local content are clearly the future of the Internet, therefore Facebook is taking this road. Facebook has announced an update on its mobile interface that may position its platform even more as a central hub for businesses, which will very soon be able to add specifics infos to describe their products and services. New calls-to-action will be tested in order to facilitate user operations such as calling the company, sending requests and contact customer services.

Those new features come after Facebook’s previous blog tutorial advising businesses on ways to communicate efficiently with their customers through its messaging system. Page administrators are able to create answer templates for frequently asked questions in order to ease their work. The “has seen” functionality offered by Facebook’s messaging system adds value compared to simple emails and brings the client closer to the company. The non-formal aspect also provide a comfortable framework to deal with customers.

Twitter as a main corporate identity dissemination vector

Since august your tweets may appear on Google’s search result pages. The search engine leader reached an agreement with Twitter and gained access to its database in order to propose them as a bonus service. Needless to say, Twitter will increase its number of registred users by the end of the year. What it means for your business is that Twitter should now be seriously considered as a focal broadcasting channel for your corporate identity.

twitter google moz

Example of a tweet posted by @Moz
showing up on a Google search result page

Twitter already appears as an excellent way to deal with customers, with a more formalised approach compared to Facebook since all discussions tend to be public. Community management seems to become increasingly important and really is now a full time job.

Information quantity is no longer the key to success: relevant content and personalised services are new way to differentiate. Social network should now be seriously considered as part of your business core. A quality community management provides improved SEO and more convenient and pleasant customer services. Whether you consider complying to the new Facebook pages functionalities or need to be advised on your social networks strategy Experts Marketing is offering you a free personalised audit. Do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

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