5 experts tips to optimise your mobile ads campaigns

Studies show that 25% of costs spent in mobile AdWords campaigns are wasted due to a lack of optimisation. The keys needed to build effective mobile campaigns are in fact different and more specific compared to desktop. Whether you intend to set up your first mobile campaign or you want to improve your own process, here are some tips we always follow in our daily projects and that you can conform to.

5 tips to optimise your mobile ads campaigns

Be prepared: launch your campaign only when your backend strategy is ready

A quality campaign demands a lot of time and energy to build and prepare. Do not waste that time. The issue is that you generally have one shot only. If your campaign works but your mobile strategy or your user experience isn’t finalised yet you risk to lose all your audience. An user that doesn’t understand your app or encounter unexpected bugs will get rid of it. In that case the chances the user reinstall it later are very low.

Choose the ad format that fits the most your audience habits

Several formats exist to advertise on mobile. Mobile advertising can be found in the form of web interstitials showing up on your browser as well as in-app displays and banners. The format to choose really depends of the audience you are targeting:

  • Games and mobile apps are generally advertised on facebook and twitter because of to the average user age (18-35 years old) ;
  • Facebook just released a new format to promote content editors’ articles through mobile, called instant articles ;
  • Promoted pins on Pinterest are effective to advertise your products ;
  • Mobile AdWords has to be taken seriously into account as app searches represent the first download source. The key is to find specific keywords in relation with your activity and to focus on those entry points ;
  • finally, SMS have an opening rate of 90% within 10 minutes. They can be used for personalised advertisement, like a birthday offer for example. You may be interested in our dedicated article 4 reasons to launch a SMS campaign.

Rethink your wording and add calls to action

The user should be able to understand the concept of your service only by watching at the picture. The content should remain simple and quick to read. The most important advice to remember is to always add a call to action (CTA) in your image in order to encourage the user to follow your path.

Facebook makes it simple with its format. It provides a choice of 5 calls to action, the most effective being “Learn more” (while speaking about click through rate). You can that way redirect the user to your “about-us” page or you app download page.

If you design your own call to action button inside an image do not forget to make it large enough for an easy use on mobile.

Focus on one key goal

While preparing your campaign do not forget to set up a measuring system in order to get feedbacks. You have several key performance indicators (KPI) that you can monitor:

  • click through (or tap through) ;
  • shares and likes ;
  • searches for your app ;
  • sales through your app.

By monitoring those KPIs you will be able to compute your campaign’s cost per click (CPI) or cost per view (CPV), and the return on your investment (ROI). By comparing those metrics to other advertising solutions you will be able to define the efficiency of your campaign and to adopt another strategy if needed.

Implement A/B testing and segmentation

Use Analytics to set up your testings and take benefit of all available data to segment your database. As we suggested in our previous article Get to the next level on your email marketing strategy you can use age or centers of interest to broadcast particular messages to specific users.

An other type of segmentation called A/B testing allows you to optimise the most your campaigns. Divide a small test group into two samples and retrieve statistics of two similar campaigns that differ only from one variable. For exemple you may test diferent positions or colors for you call to action. Select the most efficient one and test other combinations if necessary. This method will improve your design’s efficiency.

To sum up a mobile ads campaign shouldn’t be launched without preparatory work and reflexion. We gave you the tools to build an effective campaign: format, design, call to action, key performance indicators, segmentation, and A/B testing. If you need more advice to set up a mobile campaign or wish to benefit from our services do not hesitate to contact us through our online form.

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